Status Update

And yet another post not related to programming.

Some loosely-related stuff about my laziness:

  • I wrote a short story about myself for TC. It’s supposed to be fun to read, rather than being informational. I believe I actually made a pretty good job with that, although my standards for such things are set quite low. So don’t expect too much :)
  • I still remember about the tutorial for simulated annealing. I actually started writing it a long time ago. I had everything planned out, but in the middle I decided to make it a bit bigger. And add some pictures. And add some animations. And add some code specifically written for the tutorial. And add some analysis about the temperature scheduling. And add a ton of examples from the past contests (i.e. working examples, no theoretical bullshit). And then I searched for some comprehensive articles about SA. But there are none. Literally nothing that I would find good enough to recommend. To anyone. So I’m still doing it (yay), but it will take quite long to write (boo).
  • In fact I have several drafts in a near-finished state, so you may expect something posted soon.
  • At the same time I’m going to compete in World Puzzle Championship next week (where I once again will fail to place in the top ten), and then I’m going to Japan for some sightseeing, so probably the above point is false.
  • But I love working during traveling, so maybe it isn’t!
  • I also have a plan for a series of articles about competitive contests (summary of different programming competitions, what’s the point of them, what skills do they develop, etc.)
  • More stuff that I forgot about.
  • Oh, I updated “About” section, but if you really want to read anything interesting, better read that TC story (the link at the top).

2 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Maru

    Hello! I really liked your story in TC. I share your feeling “still clueless about what I want to do with my life”. Although I can see that you have a lot of projects!

    I’m looking forward to reading your next posts! The ones about the TCO Marathon Finals pushed me to participate in that category.
    Good luck in your future projects to come,

  2. Aidong

    Dear Psyho,

    May I contact with you by email? Your capability is amazing. Please contact with me by email if you are are interest to work for a big four company in US.



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