Educational 24h livestream during Marathon24 finals

It just struck me that I posted everywhere about the 24h livestream that I’m doing, except my very own blog.

Since there are so many details already scattered around the web, I’m just throwing the important links:

  • Date – 28/11 Saturday 9:15 AM GMT+1 to 29/11 Sunday 10:15 AM GMT+1
  • Twitch Stream – streaming will happen here
  • FB event – save the event date, invite people, etc
  • Twitter – I’ll use twitter for major announcements; you can also tweet me during the stream if you have any questions (apart from using chat of course)
  • Boring Interview – honestly, it’s not that interesting

And if you need a little bit more convincing in order to see the livestream. Mimino wrote 5 pretty solid reasons why you should seriously consider doing it.

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