Monthly Archives: August 2014

Status Update

And yet another post not related to programming.

Some loosely-related stuff about my laziness:

  • I wrote a short story about myself for TC. It’s supposed to be fun to read, rather than being informational. I believe I actually made a pretty good job with that, although my standards for such things are set quite low. So don’t expect too much :)
  • I still remember about the tutorial for simulated annealing. I actually started writing it a long time ago. I had everything planned out, but in the middle I decided to make it a bit bigger. And add some pictures. And add some animations. And add some code specifically written for the tutorial. And add some analysis about the temperature scheduling. And add a ton of examples from the past contests (i.e. working examples, no theoretical bullshit). And then I searched for some comprehensive articles about SA. But there are none. Literally nothing that I would find good enough to recommend. To anyone. So I’m still doing it (yay), but it will take quite long to write (boo).
  • In fact I have several drafts in a near-finished state, so you may expect something posted soon.
  • At the same time I’m going to compete in World Puzzle Championship next week (where I once again will fail to place in the top ten), and then I’m going to Japan for some sightseeing, so probably the above point is false.
  • But I love working during traveling, so maybe it isn’t!
  • I also have a plan for a series of articles about competitive contests (summary of different programming competitions, what’s the point of them, what skills do they develop, etc.)
  • More stuff that I forgot about.
  • Oh, I updated “About” section, but if you really want to read anything interesting, better read that TC story (the link at the top).