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2014 Challenge24: EC


In the past I heard a lot of skeptical information about Challenge24 contest – while the tasks were usually interesting, a lot of them were broken. And this was the main reason why I was always reluctant for giving it a try. Last year I finally decided to compete in it, and that 24-hour final turned out to be the most fun contest, I ever participated in. In terms of variety of tasks, it beats everything else (yes, even IPSC). It features “classical” binary algorithmic tasks, optimization tasks (with relative scoring), problems involving images and sound, and during the on-site we also get our hands on multi-player games and mechanical tasks.

Our team, HoChockiGon, consists of two algorithmic veterans (meret and marek.cygan) and a random university-dropout (myself) ;) This makes it quite easy to split the tasks between us, since they solve all of those unsolvable algorithmic problems, and I get to work on everything else. We’ve lost a lot of time on communication, since each one of us was in a different place, but overall we performed a bit better than expected :)

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